50% Raw, Organic, Vegan if not Halal/Kosher (with Seeds) * 50% Cru, Biologique, Végétalien si pas Halal/Casher (avec graines)

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Famine & War in Ethiopia/ La famine & la guerre en Éthiopie

Collect for Gaza

And don’t forget to check out https://www.ZakatCanada.ca/FAQ (and scroll down to the question, ‘Does G*d recommend commercial products?’) to see the list of items that G*d has recommended to us here at Zakat…

Looking to Raise 800$ to Plant Fruit Trees in Lalibela, Ethiopia/ Cherche à lever 800$ de fonds pour planter des arbres fruitiers à Lalibela, en Éthiopie

Looking to Raise 3500$ for Hargeisa

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