50% Raw, Organic, Vegan if not Halal/Kosher (with Seeds) * 50% Cru, Biologique, Végétalien si pas Halal/Casher (avec graines)

Delivery of 10 Watering Cans and 20 Guide Books Imminent/ Livraison de 10 arrosoirs et 20 livres de guide imminente

The purchase and distribution of these 10 watering cans and 20 guide books to the poor of Lalibela are made possible due to donations made on behalf of Erika Adderley (225$) and Daniel Burgen (225$). Thank you! **************************************************************** L’achat et… Continue Reading →

Donation on behalf of Sarah McLachlan for Organic Vegan Food/ Un don au nom de Sarah McLachlan pour de la nourriture végétalienne bio

With this 425$ donation on behalf of Sarah McLachlan (200$), the Canadian singer, and by Anne Gagné (225$), a variety of organic fruits and vegetables as well as organic grains and beans were purchased and distributed to the poor of… Continue Reading →

Good News! 60 More Trees Donated!/ De bonnes nouvelles! Un don de 60 arbres de plus!

Inspired by the large order of seedlings in memorial of Daisy and Abe Weinstein, the MEDAGE nursery in Lalibela donated 60 more seedlings, such as mango, papaya and guava, to be distributed to the poor farmers of Lalibela through our… Continue Reading →

350 Fruit Trees Planted in Lalibela in Memorium of Daisy & Abe Weinstein, in part/ 350 fruitiers semés à Lalibela en Memorium de Daisy & Abe Weinstein, en partie

This represents a 700$ donation as part of our ‘Plant A Tree’ Program, which encourages the planting of fruit and nut trees. The donation for these Organic trees was made on behalf of Daisy and Abe Weinstein (300$), may they… Continue Reading →

The Ethiopian Planting Season is on its Way! La saison de semis est arrivée en Éthiopie!

Thanks to 700$ worth of donations made on behalf of Dennis Bassinette (140$), by Mathieu Gagné (200$) and by Anne Gagné (360$), the purchase and distribution of organic seeds for this year’s planting season, in Lalibela, has been made possible…. Continue Reading →

Ramadan distribution of fruit bags in Pakistan/ Une distribution de sacs de fruits au Pakistan pendant le Ramadan

A second 250$ Organic Vegan food donation was recently made during Ramadan in the cities of Thar and Abbotabad in Pakistan – the first distribution having been made just before last Christmas in the city of Rawalpindi. As in the… Continue Reading →

What love can do … Love can move mountains/ Ce que l’amour peut faire … L’amour peut déplacer des montagnes

The donation for these gardening tools, this Organic Vegan Food and 135$ distributed amongst 30 farmers to buy seeds for trees, as part of our plant a tree program, has been made on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (700$), by his… Continue Reading →

A Thank You letter for the Shovels, Pitchforks and Organic Vegan Food/ Une lettre de remerciements pour les pelles, les fourches et la nourriture végétalienne bio

Here are the Thank You letters from the St. Nakutelab monastery. A Thank You to the donors and to Zakat for the 12 spades, 12 pitchforks and Organic Vegan food donated, made by the chairman of St. Nakutelab on behalf… Continue Reading →

400$ Donation of Shovels, Pitchforks and Organic Vegan Food to the Poor in Lalibela/ Un don de pelles, de fourches de jardin et de la nourriture végétalienne bio aux pauvres de Lalibela valant 400$

Thank you Hassan Kattoua and Anne Gagné for your recently shared donations of 200$ each! You have made the lives of the poor in the Lalibela countryside a little easier. This season, 300 farmers will have 12 shovels and 12… Continue Reading →

Lentils, Barley, Teff, Chickpeas, Sorghum and Wheat, Anyone? Quelqu’un veut des lentilles, de l’orge, du teff, des pois chiches, du sorgho et du blé?

175$ worth of grains and legumes were distributed to the poor of Lalibela. This donation was made on behalf of Myrianne Campolini (RIP), mother of Isabelle Roy, Michel Campolini and Anthony Campolini. May God grant her many benefits for this… Continue Reading →

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