50% Raw, Organic, Vegan if not Halal/Kosher (with Seeds) * 50% Cru, Biologique, Végétalien si pas Halal/Casher (avec graines)

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Aquatru Water Filter Delivered to Ethiopia!/ Filtre à eau Aquatru livré en Éthiopie!

The payment of 539$ CAN for the Aquatru water filter, and 238$ CAN for the postage (along with some used clothing and books) required 777$ of donations. This was made possible thanks to the following people: Ben from St.Mary’s hospital… Continue Reading →

112 Woldians Received Organic Seeds – Organic Vegan produce for Lalibela/ 112 Woldians ont reçu des grains bio – Distribution d’aliments végétalien bio à Lalibela

Thanks to a 900$CAN donation on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (345$), Erika Adderley (255$) and Mitchell Skovmose & family (300$), 112 poor Woldians received Organic seeds for planting and many poor Lalibelans received organic vegan produce for consumption. Here are… Continue Reading →

144 poor Muslims fed during Ramadan in Woldia/ 144 pauvres Musulmans nourris durant le Ramadan à Woldia

Thanks to a 1500$ donation made on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (1000$), Hassan Kattoua (50$), Fatima Kattoua (10$), Mano Gav (40$) for the bike, Izzy (50$) for the gift card, and Randy Humphries (350$), 144 poor Muslims in Woldia, Ethiopia… Continue Reading →

Feeding the poor during Ramadan/ Nourrir les pauvres durant le Ramadan

Thanks to a 300$ donation to Pakistan and a 200$ donation to Gaza Strip, Palestine, made on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (275$), Aviva Sofaer (92$), Marie Kosher (7$), Mohammed El-Khatib (19$), Ira Perel (1$), François Le Monnier (15$), Louis Carmel… Continue Reading →

Saving Lives – Relief to Yemen & Hargeisa/ Sauver des vies – de soulagement pour Yémen & Hargeisa

Zakat Canada is about saving lives. The following donations have been made on behalf of Andrew Saleh (300$), who tragically lost his life to suicide on his 25th Birthday and to the Canadians & Ethiopians (1377$) who died of COVID-19,… Continue Reading →

Organic Vegan Produce for Pakistan!/ Nourriture végétalienne Bio pour le Pakistan!

Thanks to a total donation amount of 250$ given on behalf of Hassan Kattoua (100$), Fatima Kattoua (100$) and Renaud Ricchi (50$), 70 bags of organic fruits, nuts and grains, including bananas, coconuts and oatmeal, and some vegetables, were distributed… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels for the Thar desert people/ Des panneaux solaires pour le peuple du désert du Thar

From the snow drifts of Canada to the sand dunes of Pakistan… these solar panels have travelled! Thanks to a total of 650$ in donations by Hassan Kattoua (200$), Anne Gagné (170$) and Mathieu Gagné (280$) the poor desert people… Continue Reading →

Organic Vegan food for Gaza Strip on behalf of Mrs. Auprix & Mrs. Doederlein from Lac Munich/ Nourriture végétalienne Bio aux noms des Mesdames Auprix et Doederlein du Lac Munich

Thanks to a 200$ donation made on behalf of Mrs. Claire Auprix, mother, (100$) and on behalf of Mrs. Doederlein (100$), 10 families in Gaza Strip received organic vegan produce including potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, onions, zucchinis, chilis, carrots, sweet peppers,… Continue Reading →

Solar Light & Organic Vegan Produce for Cancer Patients/ Lumière solaire & nourriture Bio végétalienne pour personnes atteint du cancer

Thanks to a 340$ donation made on behalf of Mathieu Gagné (25$), Jean Gagné (25$), Myriam Gagné (25$), François Gagné (25$), Gaetane Gagné (25$), Yves Gagné (25$), Anne Gagné (25$), Ludovik Gagné-Mercier (25$), Fanny Gagné (25$), Bianca Gagné (25$) and… Continue Reading →

Just returned from California, having walked 120 miles picking up cigarette butts to raise awareness for Zakat, CEO Anne Gagné is now looking for work in order to better fund Zakat/ De retour de Californie, après avoir parcouru 200 km à pied pour ramasser des mégots de cigarettes afin de sensibiliser le public à la charité Zakat, la PDG Anne Gagné recherche maintenant du travail afin de mieux financer Zakat.

CV – Anne Gagné MY SUCCESS IS BY G*D ALONE (MON SUCCÈS N’EST QUE GRÂCE À DI*U) Motivational Letter – Lettre d’accompagnement

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